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PYRTE - Ready For Action

Model Steam Staionary Engines for Sale

Here they are, fully set up and Ready to Run live steam engines for sale from PM Research.
Just click the pic or its link to find out more...
Liney RV-1 (Ready to Run)
Liney RV-1 (Ready to Run)

Liney RV-1 Twin Cylinder Oscillating engine

This is a complete engine.  No machining or assembly is required.

The RV-1 is an exercise in style and simplicity. The unique oscillating valve and twin, single-acting cylinders can produce very high RPMs. It is designed to run on fairly low pressure as a show piece (not recommended as a source of power for models). The two stainless steel pistons are single acting with simultaneous power strokes and are fed through an unusual oscillating valve design. The exhaust shoots straight up with a very pleasant sound. Like all our engines, It is entirely machined from solid stock and polished to a beautiful finish. To give you an idea of the size, the flywheel is 1.5 inches in diameter and the 11/64" pistons have a .6" stroke. The top of the stack is about three inches high. A barbed 1/8" tube allows for easy connection to an air/steam source. Each engine comes mounted on a top quality solid walnut base. The RV-1 would make a very beautiful and unique addition to any collection.

Liney Thimble (Ready to Run)
Liney Thimble (Ready to Run)
Liney 'Thimble' Oscillating Engine

This is a complete engine.  No machining or assembly is required.

We make many steam engines here at Liney Machine and this is the one that everyone wants to play with when they see it.  You can get it running at several hundred RPM just by blowing into it with your mouth.  The Thimble does not have any valves like a normal steam engine.  Instead the .02 inch thick piston tips sideways on the return stroke allowing the steam or air to blow by.  This results in very little friction and amazing speed (We have had one up to 10,000 rpm!). You will be amazed by how well this design works and the small amount of pressure required to run.  

The flywheel is only 1.25' in diameter and the bore is 3/8"

Liney 1 (Ready to Run)
Liney 1 (Ready to Run)
Liney 1 Oscillating Engine

This is a complete engine.  No machining or assembly is required.

Simple is beautiful. With only 8 machined parts, The Liney-1 is the picture of simplicity.

The clean lines and polished brass contrasted with aluminum and mounted on it's walnut base make this a beautiful display piece. But that would almost be a shame.

The solid construction, ball bearings, and heavy brass flywheel make this a solid and powerful engine just waiting to be the power supply for a fun project.

The bore is .25" with a half inch stroke and the flywheel measures 2.00" in diameter.

Liney 5 (Ready to Run)
Liney 5 (Ready to Run)
Liney 5 Engine (5 cylinder oscillator)

This is a complete engine.  No machining or assembly is required.

This design is nicknamed "The Windmill" and is an exceptionally beautiful and unique engine. Every part is machined from solid brass or aluminum.  It uses five 1/4" single acting pistons with 1/2" strokes.  The "wobble" style valving means that every cylinder is in a constant oscillating motion while running. This means lots of external motion and makes the engine very fascinating to watch. The main shaft runs in ball bearings.

Turning the heavy brass flywheel by hand feels solid, and very smooth. This design is completely self starting and only 5 psi of pressure is required.  The diameter around the outside of the five cylinders is four inches. The intake is a 1/8" O.D. brass pipe.

Liney RV-2 (Ready to Run)
Liney RV-2 (Ready to Run)

Liney RV-2        4 Cylinder Engine

This is a complete engine.  No machining or assembly is required.

The RV-2 is a four cylinder opposed style engine with gear driven valves and timing. The design is inspired by the internal combustion engines that power so many of today’s general aviation aircraft (and VW's!).

The pistons are 3/8" with a 1/2" stroke driving a one piece aluminum crankshaft that rides in miniature ball bearings. The "RV" designation is for "rotating valve". The unique valve design incorporates a pinion gear on the crankshaft which times a one piece rotating valve.

This polished brass and aluminum engine would make a great display piece for any aviation enthusiast or lover of mechanical things. The engine is pictured with 6" propeller but can also be fitted with a flywheel.

Liney Halo (Ready to Run)
Liney Halo (Ready to Run)

The Liney Halo Engine

This is a completed engine.  No machining or assembly is required.

This is our "HALO" five cylinder radial. The intent was to make an external combustion (steam/compressed air) design that mimicked the operation of real radial aircraft engines as close as possible. It has cams on the crank which operate the pushrods and in turn the rocker arms and the very unique ball bearing valves. The valves are positive sealing on both the exhaust and intake. The more pressure, the tighter they seal. It has five 3/8th inch pistons linked to the single crank via a master rod and connecting rods just as would be expected in a full size radial. Best of all, the design allows you to see nearly every moving part while the engine is running. Even the cams and pushrod end bearings can be seen.

Unlike a normal four stroke radial, every piston "fires" every revolution. Five power strokes per revolution!

Some dimensions:        .375" pistons with .375" stroke (square engine)

The engine is just under 5 inches overall OD        The cylinders are .75 inches OD

The crankcase is 1.65" OD       The Drive shaft is 1/4"

These steam (or air) driven engines are robustly made and simply require either a small steam boiler to run them or can just as easily be run on compressed air.

With steam they need a lubricating system (normally with an engine of this size a displacement lubricator works fine where the steam enters the lubricator, condenses and the water droplets push a small amount of steam oil into the steam line feeding the engine).

With an air feed the engine needs to be lubed up before being run as air does not condense into a liquid (unless it is super cooled) so displacing oil does not happen, and regular touching up with oil of the moving parts is a necessity.

Generally speaking, the bushes and bearings of this type of steam engine tend to be made of phosphor bronze - a metal that is self lubricating, and requires just a smidgeon of oil to ease their movement considerably.

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