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A toasty HOT welcome to


Part built five inch diameter boiler 2011
PYRTE the traction engine and trailer

The front end of PYRTE the traction engine 2011


Rear Wheel Rims

It has been brought to my attention that I have been giving the wrong advice regarding using gas bottles to make the rear wheel rims for PYRTE by Geoff, a fellow builder, who came across this point.

I have said the gas bottles had three simple lugs tacked on inside to act as guides so that the top and bottom halves could be lined up before the welded seam was attached to the middle of the outside.

It appears there must have been different manufacturers over time and they have changed their set-ups for the welding, and this is possibly a later version as shown below.

Split gas cylinder for rear wheel use larger picture

It can be seen easily that this one has a ring welded inside to act as a guide for the second half, and it was this that caused Geoff some problems.

He'd skimmed the welded seam off the outside with a grinder as instucted and found he could not make out the joint of the two halves, so after trimming it down with a file and still finding no joint, he made a hole close to the shoulder and used a jigsaw to cut around the bottle just below the shoulder.

This then made it easier to see what the problem was and to mark the bottle to cut the two rims from the sides in the normal manner.

For these bottles, you can use any type as they all tend to be made with 1/8th (3mm) walls and the sizes to use are Propane 6kg or Butane 7kg. Both are the same diameter of ten inches (256mm) to suit your wheel rims.

If you want to build PYRTE to a 1.5:1 scale, then you could use the larger Propane 47kg which has a diameter of 375mm (near enough 15 inches).

I am grateful to Geoff for letting me know about this, as in my little world I was totally oblivious to it.


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