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A toasty HOT welcome to


Part built five inch diameter boiler 2011
PYRTE - Ready for action

The front end of PYRTE the traction engine 2011

Just a few of our recent projects

Below are the various sites and suppliers (links) we have found interesting and which we hope will help you on your way in model engineering and your steam hobby.

Some of the sites below are rated (our score) from our own experiences with them. Others with no rating we have not purchased from or had any direct dealings with but provide a good site for your perusal. If you feel you want to add a site or a score, then please let us know, no names/no comebacks, for the benefit of others.

The rating on a score of 1 to 10 (
with a 1 being poor through to perfect 10) is provided by efficient delivery, good pricing compared to other sites, product availability, helpfullness, and good service.

Name of site Contact Address Product Overview and Comments Our score
Macc Models General model engineering supplies. Good value for your money. Highly recommended 8
Great Western Engineering
Supply precisely cut materials for model engineers as one-off's or quantity. Nothing's too much trouble. Great company.
Clevedon Steam Model steam fittings and gas burners. Excellent service and know-how. Highly recommended. 7
Machine Mart A large UK-wide supplier of engineering tools and worthwhile products. 7
Replica Plans Replica plans A good supplier of free designs, mainly fire-arms, along with steam engines.
Stuart Stuart Models Old established company offering many options for steam enthusiasts.
SEFS Steam Engines For Sale Free site offering many different types of engine for sale. Well worth a visit.
Hobbystore My Hobby Store A multitude of supplies from one source covering many crafts. Very good service. 6
Blackgates Blackgates Engineering Blackgates is an old established firm supplying steam fittings and castings for various models 7
Chronos Chronos Ltd Very reliable company with a wide range of tooling 7
Hobby Downloads A great place for lots of free steam downloads covering all sorts of steam engine reads and plans 8

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