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A toasty HOT welcome to


A Part Finished boiler
PYRTE cylinder block and bed plate

Model Steam Engine Kits

Live Steam Engines provided by Wilesco and others, a  proven company manufacturing 'boys toys' for many years that are truly steam driven self contained units, some radio controlled for your convenience, along with table-top power plants and accessories.
It costs nothing to look so just click the pic to find out more on the Amazon.co.uk site...
Alternatively, for US visitors, take a look at the different varieties on offer at  Amazon.com site here.
Wilesco Steam Roller
Wilesco steam lorry radio controlled Wilesco live steam
Fire Engine
Wilesco  Live-Steam
Showmans Engine
Wilesco early live
steam pick-up truck
Wilesco Live-Steam
Traction Engine
Wilesco Live-Steam
Traction Engine
Wilesco towable
water tank
Wilesco towable
water tank
Wilesco D3 engine
and boiler kit
Wilesco D5 engine
and boiler kit
Wilesco D18 engine
and boiler kit
Wilesco D20 engine
and boiler kit
Wilesco D21 engine
and boiler kit
Wilesco 165 kit with accessories

The following are representative of  ready made, working, Hot Air (Stirling) Engines, many requiring a very low heat source from sitting on a coffee cup or your hand, to being candle powered with a few of them providing power from a small generator.
Hot air stirling engine
with generator
Twin flywheel stirling
Mini hot-air
stirling engine
Twin hot air stirling engine with generator Hot air stirling engine
with generator
Low temperature
Stirling Engine
Funtech low-temp
stirling engine
Candle power steam engine Mini hot live-steam
Steam Cylinder Oil

Below are two ready-to-use marine engines, the T1 being a simple oscilator with the second being a proper, more conventional slide valve steam engine, both precisely made in Japan and having their own lubricators, capable of driving a small boat around, needing only a small boiler to provide the power.

The Foster Portable, a pre-cursor to the steerable self-driven traction engine used mainly on farms as a power supply and being towed around originally by horses, comes as a kit of bare-metal castings requiring finishing with a hand file and possibly drilling, assembly and painting in the same way as the Burrell Crane does. Both these products are accurate stationary models in 1/76 scale (around 3" or 8cm long for the Foster - the crane being longer) and are not live steam but purely display pieces.
Solid fuel tablets
for steam engines
T1 model marine live
steam engine
Model marine engine
Foster Portable Engine
requires assembly
Burrell Modellers Crane
requires assembly

All products on this page are provided by third parties where we receive a very small commission if you purchase the product at the best prices we've found available after clicking the picture. Clicking the picture takes you to the original sales page where product information, reviews (and much more besides) is available with no commitment at all from yourself, so please feel free to check them out.

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