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A toasty HOT welcome to


A Part Finished boiler
PYRTE - Ready For Action

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Loco's, road or hobby steam - whatever takes your fancy?

We are two old friends from the north of England who have got the taste of engineering in our blood.

Mel is a time served engineer who likes to be mucked up all the time - a hands on type, while I, George, (the typist sort-of) became interested in steam engine model making some time ago. We are both now retired and have a little time on our hands, so we got together and came up with this site to help 'newbies' learn a thing or two and maybe progress onto better things.

With the industrial decline over the last forty years we noticed there were fewer people joining the ranks of engineering, and as we both like model engineering, then we teamed up to produce this site with the intention of filling the gap between the frustrated absolute novice who plays with his Mamod or the likes and has ambitions to move on to better things, through to the highly experienced engineer who owns his own larger live-steam engine and can turn his hand to almost anything.

Mel likes to tinker and get 'down and dirty' and shuns computers, but his experience is profound. In fact, I like to get 'down and dirty too - it's a (old) lad thing I am sure.

If you have any questions regarding model steam engine making, we should be able to answer them, although you will be working through me as he doesn't like these 'new-fangled' contraptions. The only thing we cannot answer questions on is this digital electronic controlling of machines... We're into basic fundamental machine shop practice... We're simply 'old fashioned'.

In fact, one of us, yours truly, is in the process of writing a book on building PYRTE, a live steam Pull-You-Round-Traction-Engine for the absolute novice to build. At 26 inches long and weighing in at almost 60 lbs bone dry (yes... I've not converted to this metric malarky yet), she is a robust traction engine that I've owned for some years now and is capable of pulling an adult around with ease, and needs only a 3 inch centre height lathe for the build, and even then intermittently.

The idea is to offer the introduction and bits of different chapters to you to muse over so that any potential builder can decide whether to procede or not, depending on their confidence and whether they can follow the build instructions, before parting with any money (which will be used to support this site for the benefit of all potential steam enthusiasts).

The downloadable Ebook is to be offered at minimal cost and this model should be completed inside 3 months before you hit the despondency doldrums just in case the wind is taken out of your sails or you move onto other projects - it happens to us all.

We have plans for this site in that we want a place where any steam enthusiast can visit, whether it is to find information, buy or sell steam related items and workshop tooling, to help each other or simply natter with like minded people. Obviously this will be in the future if enough people are interested.




My brother Graeme has now joined me to add to the confusion as Mel has decided to go his own way and Graeme will be dealing with the Ebay side of things, along with helping with the coal-fired engine we will produce for the novice builder to get their teeth into in the near future.

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