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Part built five inch diameter boiler 2011
Pyrte traction engine

The front end of PYRTE the traction engine 2011
A recent boiler PYRTE - ready for work Early construction

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Learn How To Build  A Steam Engine From Scratch


Before you go on to the introduction to building PYRTE and learn how to build a steam engine from scratch I'd like to give you a run-down of this easy Pull You Round Traction Engine.
  • She's 26 inches long and weighs in at around 60lbs (that's 65cm x 27kg).
  • She's able to pull a full grown man round with ease. (check out the video)
  • She takes around 100 hours to complete.
  • She's inexpensive to build, about the same price as 3 new Mamods.
  • Very simple lathe work and drilling are the order of the day.
  • A 3 inch centre height lathe is plenty big enough.
  • The rear wheel rims are from a gas bottle and everything else is very basic.
  • The gears and drive chains can be purchased ready made at no great price.
This inexpensive live steam Pull You Round Traction Engine is basically a very simple and quick build compared to many models of a similar size. There's nothing technical required and the instruction, along with drawings and photographs cover it all from start to finish.

The book is written with the absolute beginner to steam engine construction in mind, so no baffling technical terms are used and everything is explained as you go along with the build.

So if you are intersted in building and owning your own live steam engine, and maybe fancy chugging around behind something with a bit of GRUNT, rather than having a dinky little model that just sits there when you light her up or maybe just goes round in circles for five minutes before giving up, as well as being the envy of your friends who are amazed at your working creation as they watch you, eager eyed, desperate to have a go at driving your traction engine, then take a look at the introduction to see how PYRTE came about.

Just think, if you learn how to build a steam engine from scratch like PYRTE, she could be pulling you round in three months from now, around eight hours per week, and if you get the urge to make it more personal to yourself, like making the wheels more spokey rather than discs, or even fitting proper wheels, fitting proper steering rather than push-rod, then that's up to you (but it takes a lot more time) and they are covered in the book.

I'm sure that once you have PYRTE built and working her heart out for you, puffing great clouds of steam up in the air; with her crankshaft spinning so fast in front of you eyes, her trunk guide piston almost a blur, you will feel a smug satisfaction that this was all your own work.

And when you have a bit more experience under your belt, you may move on to a more demanding model and keep PYRTE as your plaything, something to fall back on to get your steam-fix when the need takes you - just like I do.

Go on... Take a look at this free download before you make up your mind. It covers the reasons how she came about and the why's and wherefor's of the construction.

And remember, any problems at all, email me steamshed@gmail.com, and I will be more than glad to help you out.


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