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Part built five inch diameter boiler 2011
PYRTE the traction engine and trailer

The front end of PYRTE the traction engine 2011

Progress of a Coal Fired PYRTE during construction

Nothing decided for a name yet, so PYRTE - CF fits the bill for now!

This two inch scale steam engine, a model traction engine, will be using the original boiler arrangement of the gas fired version of PYRTE, lengthened a little and modified to allow better support of the pressure barrel and steam raising, still very simple to make but all encased in a steel outer shell at 30+ inches long and weighing??? (we'll see when she's up and running).

The intention is to produce a very economical build as well as an easy to make passenger hauling model traction engine and run her at 75lbs/sq.inch rather than the original 50 of PYRTE, and also have a longer stroke to accomodate the larger diametered rear wheels. There will also be a crank driven water feed incorporated, as well as the hand pump used on the original gas fired version.

The rear wheels will be solid centred for ease of constuction, moving on later to a spoked wheel version to make it look more the part, as these are available commercially in the right diameter for this model steam engine.

These pictures show a general run-down of the construction starting in January 2013 and will possibly take some time owing to the modifications along the way. That, and waiting for bits to arrive if I'd not thought ahead early enough, along with writing the instructions for the build.

Steel outer tube cut for firebox & front plate slid over the tube Viewed from front with  brass rod riveted in place to the shell Two front plates in place sandwiching the brass rod Showing two front plates (one to be cut to length) and layout of brass anchor rods

Underview showing outer side walls attached to front Side plates the right way up this time - still needs tops shaping Rear plates being rivetted together - notice the overlap? Rear plates in place shown from underneath - still need inner side plates - ignore timescale

Shaping the side plates in the vice Checking how the plates sit together before assembly Insulating front and rivetted front plates to brass arc. Brass rod is for the bottom of the front plate. Firebox side plates in place + one tender side ready for marking out.

6th of February 2013
 The above pictures were installed today and so far everything has been done with hand tools, other than a bench drill, mostly a hacksaw, pliers, hammer and files - mostly donkey-work really. Had to wait for the steel from my original supplier, got frustrated and ordered a second batch from elsewhere (much better), and Sod's law, they both turned up together.

Regretted at times using the 3mm (1/8th) steel plate as it takes a heck of a lot of cutting and filing, but it should be a robust engine when completed.
Side plates now rivetted up Firebox and Tube almost complete Underside of firebox Firebox + tender taking shape - (table is 90cm)

Bodywork + 2 wheel rims (gas bottle) Showing crankshaft main rod and cylinder bed plate Getting to see the scale of it now!!!  That's a pint pot.

22nd Feb 2013  These pictures give an idea of what she will look like when completed. reckon on about 32 inches long. Things haven't really gone to plan with the build. We've got the builders in, so everything is up in the air and all to cock with the timescale. Next on the agenda is to get the axles sorted and then the wheels.
Trying hedgehog boiler for fit in the firebox Dummy rivets soft soldered in place around the tender The front supporting baffle plate and boiler A side view of the baffle plate and boiler
14th May 2013  There's been a bit of a gap in progress to date. The copper boiler is virtually complete and has been tested to 200lbs pressure with no trouble, so it is very safe for the proposed 75lb working pressure, and the baffle plate above needs shaping properly on assembly - it is only a temporary one. The axle and wheels have had very little done with them so far, and the tender is showing some of its kidology treatment in the picture above. There has been a little done on the front axle, but finding  6 inch diameter thick walled steel tube is a bit of a nightmare at the moment, so that's slowing the axle side of things down a bit.

more to follow...


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